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Secure trading is an integral part of any online brokerage company, and providing secure online trading is a role F1Trade takes very seriously. F1Trade is committed to offering clients the highest level of secure financial trading services on various levels, so you can concentrate on making trades rather than worrying about a data breach. Along with all of the other trading advantages:

F1Trade is safe and secure: Look for security signs on your browser when trading. Clients’ funds are kept secured and all of their personal information is guarded under SSL encryption.

F1Trade has fast and live support: The support team is available pre- during and post- market hours on trading days, meaning F1Trade clients always have trading support on their side if they encounter a problem or require assistance.

Technology and Features: The simple interface, provided by a trusted and well known provider, DAS, offers some of the most desirable features for traders with an innovative mobile app. It is safe to assume that scammers don’t go to such lengths to benefit their users.

We make clients aware of the risks: Any form of trading, be it traditional stockbroker trading, or Contract for Difference (CFD) trading, involves risk. F1Trade encourages its clients to take safety measures and provides various tools for reducing risk while encouraging responsible trading.

Trading is not gambling: While there are always unforeseen events that can cause a sudden shift in an asset’s price, resulting in a loss, responsible traders stay informed and diversify their portfolios to reduce risk.

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